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airBaltic Receives its 22nd Airbus A220-300

Riga. Latvian airline airBaltic on December 23, 2019 in Rigawelcomed its 22nd Airbus A220-300 jet, registered as YL-AAV. The 22nd Airbus A220-300 completes the planned new aircraft deliveries for airBaltic in 2019 and it is the second delivery of the additional order that was signed on May 28, 2018 for purchase of 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft with options for an additional 30 aircraft of the same type. By the end of 2020 airBaltic plans to have a total of 26 Airbus A220-300 jets in its fleet. 

Thus far, airBaltic has carried over 4 500 000 passengers on the Airbus A220-300 aircraft with every second airBaltic passenger flying on the aircraft. Airbus A220-300’s have completed more than 44 000 flights and flown over 110 000 block hours.

The Airbus A220-300 has performed beyond the company’s expectations, delivering better overall performance, fuel efficiency and convenience for both passengers and the staff. This aircraft offers an excellent flying experience with such benefits for passengers as wider seats, larger windows, more hand luggage space in the cabin, improved lavatories and much more.


Aegean Airlines accueille son premier A320neo

Une nouvelle ère pour la compagnie aérienne spécialiste de la Grèce

Aegean Airlines, la compagnie aérienne grecque, a accueilli le jeudi 19 décembre dernier son tout premier appareil de la famille des A320neo. Le premier d’une commande globale de 46 appareils annoncée à l’été 2018 et qui devrait être complète d’ici fin 2024.

Cette commande historique pour la compagnie aérienne est évaluée à environ 6 milliards de dollars, prix catalogue. La commande initiale lors de la signature officielle du contrat d’achat avec été fixée à 30 appareils, moins d’un an après, Aegean Airlines annonçait le prolongement de cette dernière avec l’ajout de 16 nouveaux appareils identiques.

Après la réglementaire période de formation et de préparation, le nouvel avion devrait intégrer la flotte aux alentours de la mi-février pour effectuer ses premiers vols commerciaux. La compagnie intégrera ensuite progressivement 6 nouveaux appareils de la même famille ce qui lui permettra d’assurer la desserte des 155 destinations de son réseau. Rappelons qu’Aegean Airlines compte sur une flotte élargie de 65 avions pour 2020 ainsi que l’allotement de 19,5 millions de sièges sur l’année.


L’Office du tourisme grec a organisé un business lunch pour les professionnels du tourisme luxembourgeois

L’Office du tourisme grec (Office National Hellénique du Tourisme) a récemment organisé un business lunch avec les professionnels du tourisme Luxembourgeois. Une soixantaine de décideurs issus du milieu des tour opérateurs et réseaux d’agents de voyages se sont ainsi retrouvés au Mindforest Lounge à Luxembourg-ville pour profiter d’un walking lunch composé de spécialités grecques : mezze, moussaka et délicieuses pâtisseries grecques étaient au rendez-vous !

Ce moment réellement convivial a été agrémenté par de très belles présentations des partenaires présents : l’Office du Tourisme Grec a ainsi passé en revue l’ensemble des régions de Grèce et leurs richesses, en insistant sur les nouveautés et tendances pour 2020. L’office du tourisme de Crète, Aegean Airlines et Grecotel Hotels & Resorts ont complété le discours avec beaucoup de passion. La Grèce deviendra assurément une destination sur laquelle il faudra compter en 2020 !


oneworld and Moscow Domodedovo Airport plan to open a branded lounge for member airline customers

oneworld® and Moscow Domodedovo airport have agreed to build a branded lounge for customers of the alliance’s member airlines. The lounge at Moscow Domodedovo, which is the home of oneworld member S7 Airlines, will be the first oneworld-branded lounge in the world.

The new lounge aims to deliver a superior customer experience for premium customers and frequent flyers of oneworld member airlines travelling from the airport. oneworld and Moscow Domodedovo airport will announce the opening date and further details in 2020.

“We are excited to launch the first oneworld branded lounge at Moscow Domodedovo in this momentous year, as we celebrate the alliance’s 20th anniversary with an invigorated mission to deliver the highest levels of service and most seamless travel experience to our customers,” said oneworld CEO Rob Gurney. “Moscow Domodedovo is the home of our member S7 Airlines, and we are thrilled that the first oneworld branded lounge will be located at its hub.”


Aegean Airlines lève le voile sur son nouveau programme de vols 2020

Une nouvelle année riche en nouveautés sur le marché français avec :

7% de sièges supplémentaires par rapport à 2019

Une nouvelle destination au départ de Paris

Le prolongement de la saison d’exploitation

Paris, décembre 2019
– Aegean Airlines, la compagnie aérienne spécialiste de la Grèce annonce son tout nouveau programme de vols pour l’année 2020. Cette nouvelle année sera placée sous le signe de la croissance pour Aegean Airlines, qui renforcera son réseau et continuera son développement. En plus de son nouveau calendrier 2020, le plus important transporteur grec annonce également une augmentation significative de sa capacité passant ainsi à 19,2 millions de sièges sur l’ensemble du réseau, soit 1,5 million de sièges supplémentaires par rapport à 2019.

Aegean Airlines desservira désormais 155 destinations dans 44 pays avec une flotte moderne de 65 appareils. Les 6 premiers Airbus A320/A321neo de la commande passée en juin 2018 devraient aussi rejoindre la flotte de la compagnie dès le premier semestre 2020.


For the third time, LOT ranks the best airline in Eastern Europe according the ranking of Global Traveler USA


Warsaw, 12th December 2019 – LOT Polish Airlines has once again won the title of ‘Best Airline in Eastern Europe’ awarded by the American Global Traveler magazine. The prestigious award is a proof of the international recognition of the LOT brand and appreciation of the development of the airline in this part of Europe.

Global Traveler is an American magazine for managers who travel frequently in the USA and around the world. These are the Global Traveler readers who, together with experts, choose best hotels, airlines and loyalty programs every year. During a gala event held in Los Angeles, prizes were awarded in 38 different air industry categories. For the third time in a row, LOT has proved to be the leader of air transport in the region.


World Travel & Tourism Council’s latest major report reveals North America contributes 25% to global Travel & Tourism GDP

  • Cancun and Las Vegas lead the way in city GDP contribution
  • Top 10 largest cities for direct Travel & Tourism GDP include Orlando, New York and Mexico City
  • International visitors to Toronto spent nine times more than domestic travellers

The World Travel & Tourism Council [WTTC], which represents the global Travel & Tourism private sector, today released its comprehensive Cities Report for 2019, which reveals North America contributes $686.6 billion (25%) to the global Travel & Tourism GDP.


Experiencing Europe with the Austrian Airlines Flight Pass

Copyright: Austrian Airlines
  • Passengers can choose between Europe Pass and City Pass
  • Both options are also available as CO-neutral versions
  • Developed in cooperation with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub

 From now on, Austrian Airlines is offering a new product for everyone who frequently and gladly travels. The Flight Pass composes of ten flights within Europe departing from Vienna. Travelers can choose between two options: the Europe Pass enables passengers to discover the diversity of Europe. The City Pass is ideal for passengers who regularly commute to a European city. The City Pass is available starting at EUR 449, whereas the Europe Pass begins at EUR 799. The price is oriented to the desired booking deadlines and travel times. Passengers decide in advance whether they also want to fly at peak times (Christmas and Easter) and select how far in advance they would like to book their flights. They can choose between 60, 21 and 7 days. Both passes can also be obtained including CO2 compensation. The flight coupons are valid for a period of one year after purchase.


International Medical Travel Show Dubai 2020

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In an open letter published this November 26, 2019, Brigitte Bardot denounced the sale of kangaroo meat in French supermarkets

Given the revelations of animal cruelty and danger to public health , the Brigitte Bardot Foundation asks the authorities and the French supermarkets (Auchan, Cora, Carrefour France and Belgium) a clear measure: the end of the import and trade kangaroo meat in France.

Your signs Carrefour France, Carrefour Belgium, Cora and Auchan selling kangaroo meat!

You’re not ashamed to support a massacre as ecology, biodiversity, species protection and veganism are booming?

You do not expose your tired stalls trays of bodies, pieces of animal flesh full of suffering that the long and painful agony should induce vomiting? Now, you have kangaroos who suffer unspeakable atrocities, shot dead the night, the failures condemn adults to a slow death and babies in the pouch of their mother are killed by violent blows to the skull or by decapitation, or then abandoned to a slow death and lonely.

The carcasses are then cut and transported in open vehicles, exposed to dust and insects for hours without medical supervision! All this to supply the European market of unsafe meat, cleaned with lactic acid to hide E. coli and Salmonella, as could check my Foundation through laboratory tests on pieces sold in your stores.

As when dogs and cats? You think you’re human, but you are accomplices of the assassins.

So STOP to these inhuman monstrosities, these massive destruction for power, money.

Give the beautiful and good example, others will follow you.

Brigitte Bardot

Open letter to :

Alexandre Bompard

Ludovic Holinier
Group Cora

Jean-Denis Deweine
Auchan Retail France


2020 is the Jan Van Eyck year in Flanders

For over 250 years, from the 15th to well into the late 17th century, Flanders was at the forefront of the finest art in Western Europe and the inspiration behind the most famous art movements of the time: Primitive, Renaissance and Baroque. The artists, renowned for their skill, creativity and technical innovation, turned an already rich and urban Flanders into one of the world’s most culturally sophisticated regions, with impressive achievements in both art and architecture.

Since its completion in 1432, millions of visitors from all over the world have traveled to Ghent to admire the altarpiece ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ by Jan and Hubert van Eyck. But for more than four hundred years, we haven’t actually been looking at the real van Eyck, but at layers and layers of paint on top of the real thing. In 2020, the restored altarpiece is finally coming home to the Saint Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent. There is simply no valid excuse in the world to miss the chance to see this iconic and legendary masterpiece.

Come to Flanders in 2020 and experience Jan Van Eyck, the Flemish Master of the Northern Renaissance.

To learn more, download our 2020 Jan van Eyck program.

Situated in the north of Belgium, Flanders boasts six beautifully preserved historic cities: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, and Mechelen. From Michelin star dining to medieval castles, there is something to enjoy for everyone.


Accor releases thought-leading white paper on the business of wellness and hospitality

In “It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business”, Accor’s Emlyn Brown explains how exceptional wellness experiences are good for guests, business and the hospitality industry.

When stepping into a hotel these days, one cannot help but notice a growing wave of smoothie bowls, pilates poses, and mindfulness seminars. For many years, Accor has been at the forefront of the wellbeing movement, leading the way to integrate health and wellness into all aspects of the guest experience. In a new white paper, “It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business”, Accor explores the fundamental societal shift currently underway as the lifestyle goal of feeling healthier has moved out from beyond the walls of the spas and gyms and entered the mainstream. The report goes on to discuss the opportunities the wellness movement provides for hoteliers, and some of the unique ways that Accor brands will deepen their commitments in this vital area throughout 2020 and beyond.