Belgian parliament passes resolution backing Taiwan

The Belgian Chamber of Representatives passed a resolution, July 16, calling on the Federal Government and the EU to support Taiwan’s democracy, strengthen bilateral relations, and encourage the country’s meaningful participation in international organisations.

The resolution passed in a overwhelming fashion, by 130 votes to 0, with 13 abstentions. Introduced by members Georges Dallemagne and Els Van Hoof, co-Presidents of the Belgium-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group, the resolution is the first of its kind since 2015.

The resolution acknowledges Taiwan’s freedoms; system of government; and current contributions to addressing global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, it recognises the ever-closer ties between Taiwan and Belgium.

In turn, the resolution implores the Belgian government to act on a number of issues related to strengthening the Belgium-Taiwan relationship, including supporting Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organisations such as the World Health Organisation. The resolution also requires the Belgian government to urge the European Commission to move forward on strengthening relations between the EU and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs greeted the resolution warmly, thanking the Belgian Parliament for its passage. The ministry added that Taiwan will continue to deepen and broaden bilateral relations with Belgium on the basis of the existing good foundation of ties between the two nations.



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