Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) appointed Slovenian master chef Ana Roš as ambassador of gastronomic tourism on 20 November 2019 in Madrid


The United According to UNWTO she has earned this title principally because she promotes the use of local ingredients and uses such ingredients herself in her cooking. In this way, too, she is contributing to sustainable entrepreneurship.

From garden to table
Hiša Franko is in some way the centre of the world in the Posočje region. The best cheese from local farmers, organic potatoes and lettuce, forest strawberries and raspberries, and herbs from the kitchen garden all find their way to the Franko restaurant tables.

The dishes reflect all seasons, the flavour and character of the local surroundings, and also an elegance and femininity. And all of them are prepared with love and abundant artistic virtuosity.

Indeed, the dishes served at Ana Roš’s Hiša Franko restaurant are not just dishes of food, they are veritable creations combining local ingredients, and a meal is an event.

A culinary mission
Ana Roš feels that the title serves as a guide for Slovenian gastronomy or any other activity.

“For me, the title of ambassador of gastronomy is not an award, but an incentive to remain a role model to everyone who isn’t sure that they can truly succeed at what they want to, and who need a little encouragement to become even better.”

These words typify the life path of Ana Roš, who as a girl without any knowledge of cuisine rose to become a virtuoso chef. Her perfectionism and desire to research, along with her studious approach, have brought her to the peak of culinary arts. In her opinion, the greatest chance of a dish becoming something outstanding is when its own flavours reflect its origin in the land, and that land’s tradition, seasons, people and folklore. People eat with their eyes, they smell the food, and only then do they taste it. And they are even more drawn to a dish if it has a story.

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly recognised and sought-after destination among culinary connoisseurs. Much credit for this also goes to the other Slovenian top chefs. The announcement of Roš as UNWTO ambassador took place in the context of Hiša Franko making a guest appearance in Madrid and a presentation of Slovenia organised by the Slovenian embassy.

Alongside the Slovenian Tourist Board, a large part in promoting the event was played by the Slovenian Government Communication Office, which owns the national brand I Feel Slovenia.


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