Experiencing Europe with the Austrian Airlines Flight Pass

Copyright: Austrian Airlines
  • Passengers can choose between Europe Pass and City Pass
  • Both options are also available as CO-neutral versions
  • Developed in cooperation with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub

 From now on, Austrian Airlines is offering a new product for everyone who frequently and gladly travels. The Flight Pass composes of ten flights within Europe departing from Vienna. Travelers can choose between two options: the Europe Pass enables passengers to discover the diversity of Europe. The City Pass is ideal for passengers who regularly commute to a European city. The City Pass is available starting at EUR 449, whereas the Europe Pass begins at EUR 799. The price is oriented to the desired booking deadlines and travel times. Passengers decide in advance whether they also want to fly at peak times (Christmas and Easter) and select how far in advance they would like to book their flights. They can choose between 60, 21 and 7 days. Both passes can also be obtained including CO2 compensation. The flight coupons are valid for a period of one year after purchase.

One pass, ten flights, one price

The Austrian Airlines Flight Pass was developed in cooperation with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, which made a decisive contribution towards designing the new product. It is now available at https://austrian-flightpass.com/. Passengers can choose between the Europe Pass and City Pass on the website. The Europe Pass gives Austrian Airlines passengers access to more than 60 destinations. The pass applies to ten one-way flights or five round trip journeys. A passenger can fly to one specific destination no more than two times when using the pass. The City Pass functions like a book of ten tickets for flights between Vienna and a European destination of the passenger’s choice.

CO2 compensation directly possible during the booking process

The Flight Pass is also available in a CO₂-neutral version. CO2 emissions generated by the flight can already be compensated during the booking process. For this purpose, passengers only need to choose the option “CO2 compensation” in order to make an important contribution to more sustainable flying. The compensation amount will be invested in non-profit reforestation projects in Nicaragua as well as in the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) via Compensaid, which is also a product of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.


The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is the innovation unit for new digital business models within the Lufthansa Group. This business unit initiates strategic partnerships between the Group airlines and external digital companies, amongst other activities, and also develops new digital services and products itself. The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is headquartered in Berlin and opened up offices in Singapore and Shanghai, China in 2019.





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