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The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a sovereign and independent nation

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen / CNA file photo
  • The international community widely recognizes the democratic achievements symbolized by the recent elections in Taiwan;
  • China unilaterally undermines peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the wider region;
  • The vast majority of the Taiwanese people reject the “one country, two systems” formula;
  • China has no right to interfere or make reckless comments when other countries simply exercise their sovereignty;
  • The “one China principle” is not a widely held consensus in the international community;
  • Taiwan calls for positive interactions across the Taiwan Strait;
  • Taiwan looks forward to continuing cooperation and exchanges with all nations.

After her election victory on 11th January, President Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview with the BBC: “We are an independent country already and we call ourselves the Republic of China (Taiwan).” She also said China needs to show Taiwan respect.

However, the permanent mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN called upon the UN member states on 15th January that the so-called “One-China principle” must be observed and that any official intervention or engagement with Taiwan or its offices is against such a principle and should be avoided.
Such baseless claims expressed by the PRC are against the facts and absolutely unacceptable. That is why, following the elections and its results, more than 80 nations and international organizations conveyed congratulatory messages to Taiwan.

1. The Republic of China (Taiwan) is not a province of China. In fact, it has never been ruled by the People’s Republic of China. These are undisputable facts. China must squarely face this reality and respect Taiwan.

2. The international community widely recognizes the democratic achievements symbolized by the recent elections in Taiwan.
Following Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections on January 11, 2020, prominent political figures and individuals friendly to Taiwan from more than 80 nations and international organizations—including Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies and countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany—conveyed congratulatory messages to Taiwan via letters, telegrams, and social media posts. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement to congratulate Taiwan on the outcome of the elections. He stated that Taiwan had once again demonstrated the strength of its robust democratic system and emphasized that Taiwan is a model for the Indo-Pacific region and a force for good in the world.

3. China unilaterally undermines peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the wider region.
Over the past three-plus years, Taiwan has made every effort to maintain the cross-strait status quo on the premise of safeguarding national sovereignty. Taiwan has not taken provocative or impulsive actions. In
contrast, China has resorted to all manner of tactics to suppress Taiwan’s international participation, and intensified its rhetorical assaults against and military intimidation of Taiwan. It has also conducted disinformation campaigns in an attempt to interfere with Taiwan’s elections. China’s actions are neither beneficial to the positive development of cross-strait relations nor in the interests of other countries in the Indo-Pacific.

4. The vast majority of the Taiwanese people reject the “one country, two systems” formula.
According to public opinion polls in Taiwan, nearly 90 percent of people in Taiwan reject the “one country, two systems” formula. China must carefully consider the aspirations and strong message expressed by the Taiwanese people in the recently held general elections.

5. China has no right to interfere or make reckless comments when other countries simply exercise their sovereignty.
When other countries officially extend congratulations to the winners of Taiwan’s elections, invite Taiwanese officials to visit, assign representatives to attend the presidential inauguration in Taiwan, or sign any bilateral agreement with Taiwan, they are simply exercising their independence and sovereignty. China has no right to interfere or make reckless comments about the actions of these countries.

6. The “one China principle” is absolutely not a widely held consensus in the international community.
Many countries have their own “one China policy,” which may differ in meaning from the “one China principle” propagated by China. In fact, a great number of countries, in their respective communiqués establishing diplomatic relations with the PRC or other documents, do not mention or recognize the “one China principle.”

7. Taiwan calls for positive interactions across the Taiwan Strait.
Peace, parity, democracy, and dialogue are the keys to positive interactions and long-term stable development across the Taiwan Strait, and offer the only way forward to bringing people across the strait closer together and ensuring reciprocity and mutual benefit. It is hoped that Beijing will not undermine the positive development of cross-strait relations. The two sides should jointly endeavor to improve ties.

8. Taiwan looks forward to continuing cooperation and exchanges with all nations.
On the basis of the existing solid foundation, Taiwan looks forward to continuing to deepen friendship and cooperation with all countries and international organizations and make concrete contributions to the international community.

Tsai Ing-wen reelected as Taiwan’s President: a big victory for democracy

Taipei, Jan. 11 Taiwan’s incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen was elected to a second four-year term Saturday, winning by a wide margin over her main competitor, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT).

The 63-year-old former trade negotiator of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won more than 8 million votes, the highest number gained by a candidate since Taiwan’s first presidential election in 1996.

Tsai’s reelection shows the support of the population who believe and fight for a free and democratic Taiwan not sumise to the dictatorial regime of Peking. However, this does not mean 100% adherence to the national policy of President Tsai since the KMT wins seats in the legislative elections. In all cases the DPP retains its absolute majority in the Taiwanese Parliament.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo congratulated Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on her re-election and lauded her for seeking stability with China “in the face of unrelenting pressure.”
In a statement that could anger Beijing, which views Taiwan as part of China, Pompeo said Taiwan’s democratic system, free market economy and civil society, made it “a model for the Indo-Pacific region and a force for good in the world.”

Taipei hosts IAPCO EDGE Seminar for the third time

With positive feedback received from the previous IAPCO EDGE Seminar Taipei, the city is once again hosting the seminar this year. Inviting meeting professionals and association representatives from Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore, the faculty will share their real-life experiences along with the latest industry trends.

Making it unique from other training programs in the industry, there are a lot of interactive sessions and in-depth discussion designed for the IAPCO EDGE Seminar. Delegates will be inspired while discussing and exchanging ideas from different points of view. The mix of program content includes bidding, sponsorship, accounting & budgeting, marketing, meeting design, meeting industry trends.

Last year, many overseas delegates were attracted to the seminar, including representatives from Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, Sarawak Convention Bureau and Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau. Here is a highlight video of the seminar last year:

Delegates will be given CMP (The Certified Meeting Professional) hours by attending the seminar, in order to improve their competitiveness in the market.

For more information about the seminar and to register, please visit

Date and Time:
Thursday, 18 April – Saturday, 20 April 2019

New Payment Method for Air Tickets Successfully Demonstrated

Geneva – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the successful completion of the first “IATA Pay” ticket purchase transaction in a live test environment. The transaction was conducted in partnership with ipagoo, a UK-based fintech company.

IATA Pay is an industry-supported initiative to develop a new payment option for consumers when purchasing a ticket directly from an airline website. It is made possible by the European Commission’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and the UK’s Open Banking regulation. These regulations encourage use of so-called direct debit transactions in which payments are made from the customer’s bank account directly into the bank account of the merchant. This method offers an extremely high level of security to both user and recipient and can be instantaneous.

IATA’s role is to develop an industry solution enabling airlines to make this payment option available on their websites. The live test conducted with ipagoo was done under the UK’s Open Banking framework with IATA Pay pilot airlines, including Cathay Pacific Airways, Scandinavian Airlines and Emirates.

For airlines, the advantages of IATA Pay are:

  • Cheaper payment option compared to other alternatives
  • Highly secure
  • Faster cashflow with instant/near instant payment to the merchant
  • Simpler payment process resulting in fewer lost sales.

For consumers the benefits include access to a new, simpler method of payment that is highly secure.

“Today’s consumers, and especially millennials, have expectations of multiple payment options including mobile and peer-to-peer. IATA Pay responds to these expectations. At the same time, airlines are trying to manage significant card payment costs — $8 billion per year and rising. A large part of this cost is incurred in direct purchases from airline websites. One of IATA’s strategic objectives is to support airlines’ financial sustainability including controlling costs,” said Aleksander Popovich, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Financial and Distribution Services.

Carlos Sanchez, CEO, ipagoo said: “We are delighted to have completed the first Open Banking live transaction for the airline industry, helping IATA and its member airlines to achieve their goals of operational and financial efficiency. ipagoo’s technology provides a secure, multi-country banking service for IATA. We are at the forefront of development and innovation within the financial industry and committed to helping businesses and their clients take advantage of the opportunities provided by Open Banking.”

IATA is also working with Deutsche Bank on a prototype for Europe (excluding the UK), starting with the German market, which is expected to undergo testing in early 2019.

Following this, IATA will validate the concept with the intention to expand to other regions.

Aeroflot named world’s fifth most punctual airline and second in Europe

10 January 2019, Moscow Aeroflot was the world’s fifth most punctual airline in 2018, according to authoritative UK aviation publication FlightGlobal.

According to the annual FlightStats On-Time Performance Service (OPS) Awards, Aeroflot also ranked second among Europe’s leading airlines, behind KLM only.

Throughout 2018, 82.98% of Aeroflot flights operated according to schedule, one of the best results in the global industry.

The FlightStats OPS Awards is one of the most comprehensive and objective ratings globally, analysing more than 120,000 flights daily. Departures and arrivals are monitored in real time, with data from 600 global sources.

“Aeroflot is continuously improving its quality of service,” said Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aeroflot. “We make every effort to ensure our passengers’ trips are as comfortable and punctual as possible. Our priority is to provide the most comprehensive consideration of passengers’ needs along with attention to detail at all stages of service.”

In 2018, Aeroflot took a number of measures to improve punctuality, including strict implementation of boarding regulations and hand-luggage requirements. Plans including innovations based on the latest digital technologies, such as biometric controls, will significantly facilitate and accelerate pre-flight airport procedures for passengers in future.

About Aeroflot

Aeroflot is Russia’s flagship carrier and a proud member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Aeroflot serves 152 destinations in 55 countries.

Aeroflot’s 252-strong fleet is the youngest of any airline worldwide that operates more than 100 aircraft. In 2017, Aeroflot carried 32.8 million passengers (50.1 million passengers as Aeroflot Group including subsidiaries).

Aeroflot holds 4-Star Airline status from Skytrax and was named Best Airline in Eastern Europe for the seventh time at the 2018 Skytrax World Airline Awards. Aeroflot has also been awarded a five-star global airline rating by US aviation association APEX.

Aeroflot is the world’s strongest airline brand according to leading brand strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

Find out more at

We  are  glad to inform you, that exhibition center ExpoGeorgia will host  the 21th International Caucasus Tourism Fair – CTF 2019 on May 03-05, 2019.
In the frame of CTF 2019 we will host Caucasus MICE and HORECA Georgia exhibitions.
Exhibition is an international platform for Georgia’s domestic,  regional  and  international  tourism development and always   accompanied   by  entertaining  events, presentations, B2B meetings and conferences.
Teona Tavadze,
Head of the Sales Department
Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia
118, Tsereteli Ave.
Tel: + 995 32 2 341100 (ext: 106)
Cell: + 995 577 733995

Vient de paraître : brochure compacte de Costa Croisières

Costa Croisières vient d’éditer une nouvelle brochure compacte pour le marché belge. Une douzaine de pages, il n’en faut pas plus pour résumer l’essentiel de l’offre de Costa.

Inspirer. Donner des idées. C’est l’objectif principal de cette brochure. Elle vous donne en quelques pages un aperçu des régions traversées par les croisières, avec itinéraires et prix.
Les personnes qui partent en croisière pour la première fois pensent souvent aux Caraïbes, aux îles grecques ou aux fjords norvégiens. Ou encore aux « États baltes », pour signifier en réalité la mer Baltique. Costa sait précisément ce que recherchent les voyageurs et a une réponse à leur donner.
Mais la compagnie de croisière propose également toute une série de voyages moins connus, mais tout aussi exotiques, comme les Seychelles, Madagascar, le Sri Lanka, les Maldives, etc.

Costa Croisières vous donne le choix entre trois types de tarifs. Grâce à la présentation claire, vous voyez directement les avantages de l’une ou l’autre formule. Avec une explication de tout ce qui est compris dans le prix d’une croisière. Quelle est par exemple la différence entre les restaurants standard et les restaurants de spécialités ? Faut-il payer pour assister à une représentation ?
Il est clair que Costa évolue vers encore plus de vacances tout compris. À partir d’avril, le forfait de séjour sera compris dans le prix du voyage. Plus de surprises à la fin de la croisière.

Une brochure conviviale. Dix secondes à feuilleter la brochure Costa, et l’intérêt du client s’éveille… Au lieu de proposer des calendriers compliqués, on vous indique les mois pendant lesquels la croisière est organisée. Le client souhaite plus d’informations ? Il peut s’adresser à son agence de voyages ou surfer sur le site web de Costa Croisières.
Plus d’infos :

Pobeda launches Milan Bergamo to St. Petersburg link

Having established operations at Milan Bergamo in December 2015, Pobeda has added to its successful Moscow Vnukovo service by launching direct flights to St. Petersburg from Italy’s third largest airport. Launched 11 October, the low-cost carrier will operate a three times weekly link between Milan Bergamo and Russia’s second largest city, with the service poised to add an extra 27,000 seats to the Italian airport’s winter schedules.

Along with the new St. Petersburg route, Pobeda will also increase the number of flights it operates on its popular Moscow service. From the start of the winter season, commencing 28 October, the carrier will add an additional two weekly flights to its current daily schedule, adding a second daily rotation on Fridays and Sundays. From 21 December, the airline will further commit to the marketing by adding an extra five weekly flights, resulting in a twice-daily service to the Russian capital.

Commenting on Pobeda’s expansion, Giacomo Cattaneo, Director of Commercial Aviation, SACBO, says: “It is very encouraging to see that Pobeda has seen the greater potential of the Russian market from Milan Bergamo by adding this additional route to St. Petersburg, while further committing to the airport by increasing the frequency of its popular Moscow operation.” Adding to this, Cattaneo states the strong ties that the local airport community has with St. Petersburg: “Russia’s second largest city has strong links with this part of Italy. Giacomo Quarenghi, an architect born in the 18th century in a small village near Bergamo, was the foremost and most prolific practitioner of neoclassical architecture in Imperial Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg. He brought into vogue an original style of Palladian inspiration, which was a reference for many architects who worked in Russia. Some of his works in the city include the Hermitage Theatre, the Raphael Loggia in the Winter Palace, plus the Narva Triumphal Arch.”

Director of the Information Business Centre of St. Petersburg in Milan, Yaroslav Meshavkin, added of the route: “The launching of this new aviation connection between Milan Bergamo and St. Petersburg demonstrates mutual business interest between one of the most European cities of Russia and the dynamic economy of Lombardia. Bergamo is a very interesting point as a destination in many aspects: touristic, cultural, educational and others. For example, the higher education school of St. Petersburg and the University of Bergamo are involved in mutual projects.” Meshavkin also added: “The direct flight from St. Petersburg to Bergamo is a very fast and a comfortable way to get to Milan. Bus transfers from Bergamo Airport drive to the heart of the city and the trip takes around the same time as it does from other airports in Milan. It will be highly appreciated by business travellers as well as tourists.”

Russia is Milan Bergamo’s eighth largest country market this winter, with over 370,000 passengers having flown with Pobeda since the LCC commenced operations from the airport three years ago. A subsidiary of Russian flag carrier Aeroflot, Pobeda was founded in 2014, and presently operates a fleet of 22 737-800s configured in a 189-seat layout.

Budapest Airport welcomes winter with Myway Airlines

Budapest Airport has welcomed the start of the new winter season by celebrating the arrival of its latest airline partner, Myway Airlines on 28 October. As the Georgian carrier launched the Hungarian gateway’s first link to Tbilisi, the additional link to the Caucasus region boosts Budapest’s connections to the cultural intersection of Europe and Asia.

Commenting at the launch, Kam Jandu, CCO, Budapest Airport stated: “To connect our two great cities is a fantastic endorsement of the opportunities which exist for both leisure and business travellers between Hungary and Georgia.”

21th International Caucasus Tourism Fair – CTF 2019 

We  are  glad to inform you, that exhibition center ExpoGeorgia will host  the 21th International Caucasus Tourism Fair – CTF 2019 on May 03-05, 2019.

In the frame of CTF 2019 we will host Caucasus MICE and HORECA Georgia exhibitions.

Exhibition is an international platform for Georgia’s domestic,  regional  and  international  tourism development and always   accompanied   by  entertaining  events, presentations, B2B meetings and conferences.

Teona Tavadze,
Head of the Sales Department

Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia
118, Tsereteli Ave.
Tel: + 995 32 2 341100 (ext: 106)
Cell: + 995 577 733995

Europa-Park opent voor de 18e keer Duitslands grootste Winterwonderland

Europa-Park tovert zich deze winter weer om tot een magisch Winterwonderland. De 18e editie start op 24 november en duurt tot en met 6 januari 2019 (m.u.v. 24 en 25 december). Bovendien zal het park op 12 en 13 januari geopend zijn. 2,5 miljoen lichtjes, 3.000 kerstbomen, 25 kampvuren en ontelbare decoraties staan garant voor een ultieme winterse beleving. Naast de bekende attracties zijn er vele winterse toevoegingen zoals een tweetal kerstmarkten, een reuzenrad van 55 meter hoog, een ijsbaan, een kinderskischool en een sneeuwhelling. Op het programma staan ook shows die passen bij deze romantische tijd van het jaar: een wintercircus, een ijsshow en een lichtjesparade. Europa-Park presenteert deze winter ook een aantal nieuwigheden.

Achtbanen, attracties en winterse activiteiten

Uitgezonderd de waterattracties zijn alle attracties van het park gewoon in bedrijf, waaronder een een achttal achtbanen. Als Koning Winter het weer binnen de perken houdt, zijn als extraatje ook nog de houten achtbaan Wodan, Megacoaster ‘blue fire’ powered by GAZPROM en Silver Star geopend. Op Alpenexpress Coastiality kun je deze winter voor het eerst een virtual reality-avontuur met de kunstenaar Otto Waalkes beleven. Nieuw zijn natuurlijk ook de drie attracties die eind deze zomer geopend werden in de 45 meter hoge zilveren bol; Eurosat CanCan Coaster, Eurosat Coastiality en Madame Freudenreich. Daarnaast zijn er nog vele speciale winterse attracties. Kinderen kunnen met een ski-scooter rijden of hun eerste ski-les volgen. Ook kan men met een band van een sneeuwhelling roetsjen of op de schaats rondjes draaien op een ijsbaan. In het overdekte speelparadijs ‘Limerick Castle’ en het nieuwe speelparadijs in het vroegere Holland-theater hoeven kinderen zich geen moment te vervelen . Reuzenrad “Bellevue” geeft je op 55 meter hoogte een geweldig uitzicht over het versierde park en de omgeving. Bij Slot Balthasar is een middeleeuwse Christkindl-markt met verschillende oude ambachten en in het Duitse themagebied is nog een gewone Weihnachtsmarkt.

Exposities en een nieuwe 4D-film

Voor een echt ‘coole’ expositie moeten de bezoekers naar de Arena van het Spaanse themagebied. Daar is een speciale hal gebouwd voor “Rulantica uit ijs”. Bij min 8 graden maak je hier kennis met octopus Snorri en zijn vrienden. Vaklui zijn dagen bezig geweest om uit ijs en sneeuw tientallen sprookjesachtige ijssculpturen te ‘carven’.  Hetzelfde thema is terug te vinden in de tuin van Slot Balthasar; hier komen de onderwaterfiguren iedere avond als kleurrijk verlichte dieren en planten tot leven.

Liefhebbers van pop-art brengen zeker een bezoek aan de nieuwe ‘Schatkamer’ in de Deutsche Allee waar 60 beelden van de Amerikaanse kunstenaar James Rizzi tentoongesteld worden.

In Magic Cinema 4D draait deze winter voor het eerst de nieuwe animatiefilm”‘s Nachts in het park”.  Lukt het Ed en Edda om de snode plannen van de Nachtraaf te dwarsbomen?

Fantastische wintershows

Europa-Park, met meer dan 300 artiesten in dienst, staat bekend om haar uitgebreide entertainment-aanbod. Ook tijdens de winteropenstelling is het programmaboekje weer goed gevuld.  In de toegangsprijs is bijvoorbeeld ook een hoogstaande circusvoorstelling van zo’n 50 minuten begrepen. Op het evenementen-terrein, in een originele circustent, vertonen internationale artiesten dagelijks hun bijzondere kunsten. Eveneens kan men genieten van de ijsshow ‘Surpr’Ice, with the Son of Santa’ en in het Globe Theater kun je getuige zijn van een kindermusical. Lichtjes en lichteffecten zijn er volop bij de ‘Winter Starlight Parade’ die elk avond door het park trekt en de nieuwe videomapping-show op de Eurosat CanCan Coaster (vanaf 17.00 uur, iedere 30 minuten).

Een ‘lekkere’ winter

Je loopt in Europa-Park niet alleen van land naar land, maar tijdens de winteropenstelling loop je er ook van de geur  van vers gebakken Lebkuchen, via gepofte kastanjes naar warme glühwein, eierpunch en andere lekkernijen.  Ook kun je in de themagebieden terecht voor de typische specialiteiten uit de gepresenteerde landen. In Zwitserland en de speciaal voor de winter geplaatste Erdinger Hütte kan men terecht voor echte Walliser raclette, kaasfondue en Zwitserse kaassoep en op de kerstmarkt in het Duitse themagebied vind je verschillende soorten worst. In het Spaanse gedeelte kun je bij een ijsbar “Glaciar” terecht voor een ‘hartversterkertje’.

NICOLS à la conquête de la Hollande

Si pour Nicols, 2018 a été l’année du Sixto Green, le premier bateau à propulsion 100% électrique, 2019 sera celle d’un nouveau challenge avec l’ouverture d’une nouvelle destination aux Pays-Bas.

Une opportunité inédite de découvrir la Hollande hors des sentiers battus à bord d’un des bateaux sans permis de la gamme Estivale, pour 4, 6 ou même 10 personnes avec le nouvel Octo Fly !

Au départ de la base de Kerkdriel, en aller-retour, en boucle ou en aller simple jusqu’à la base de Montfoort, chacun pourra composer son programme sur mesure et selon ses goûts, alternant baignades, vélo le long des canaux, parties de pêche, ou visites touristiques…

Croisière nature pour les uns au cœur du célèbre parc national «De Biesbosch», ou croisière citadine à travers Amsterdam et Maastricht pour les autres… Il y en aura pour tous les goûts !

Une expérience inédite au pays des canaux, à vivre entre amis ou en famille, et à des conditions privilégiées pour les plus rapides car les réservations commencent déjà pour la saison 2019.
Jusqu’à 20% de réduction pour les réservations avant la fin de cette année !

Tarifs de location du Sixto Green (uniquement disponible en Alsace) pour 6/8 per- sonnes : à partir de 1.249 € le week-end de 2 jours en basse saison et jusqu’à 4.383 € la semaine en haute saison.
La Hollande en Duo ou Octo Fly : de 628 € (basse saison) à 4.465 € en haute saison.