Amadeus Time Limits and Group Time Limits – new automatic tools for the booking process

LOT Polish Airlines introduces new automatic tools for the booking process: GTL (Group Ticket Limits) and ATL (Amadeus Ticket Limit). ATL is an improved version of the existing ARI platform that defines real-time reservation limits.

After successful ATL and GTL tools tests the company is ready for implementation, which will take place on October 18, 2017.

From this point, in each group booking, the system automatically generates new OPW and OPC elements for Amadeus reservations and SSR ADTK and SSR OTHS for reservations in other systems, with information on limits for:

• name,
• ticketing,
• deposit,
• final payment.

In each individual booking additional elements (OPW/OPC – in Amadeus and SSR – in other systems) will apply only to the ticketing time limit.

LOT would like to emphasize that each reservation will be automatically cancelled if the limits are not met.

In addition to group bookings which contain deposits each time EMD must be sent to queues (for reservations in Amadeus) or email (for other GDSs) listed in the PNR. This is required to complete the deposit limit.

The implementation of GTL is the beginning of the LOT’s  path to complete automation of group handling processes. This is the first step before introducing another tool –  AGM (Amadeus Group Management).

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