Accor releases thought-leading white paper on the business of wellness and hospitality

In “It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business”, Accor’s Emlyn Brown explains how exceptional wellness experiences are good for guests, business and the hospitality industry.

When stepping into a hotel these days, one cannot help but notice a growing wave of smoothie bowls, pilates poses, and mindfulness seminars. For many years, Accor has been at the forefront of the wellbeing movement, leading the way to integrate health and wellness into all aspects of the guest experience. In a new white paper, “It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business”, Accor explores the fundamental societal shift currently underway as the lifestyle goal of feeling healthier has moved out from beyond the walls of the spas and gyms and entered the mainstream. The report goes on to discuss the opportunities the wellness movement provides for hoteliers, and some of the unique ways that Accor brands will deepen their commitments in this vital area throughout 2020 and beyond.

“At Accor, our goal is to have guests experience a sense of wellbeing during their stay and that they leave feeling better than when they arrived; better rested, more nourished and in a happier state of mind,” said Emlyn Brown, Global Vice-President, Wellbeing, Luxury & Premium Brands, Accor. “A delighted guest is naturally more inspired to return. Therefore, by investing in holistic wellness experiences that help our guests feel good throughout the customer journey, we are establishing a model for strong revenue growth through return bookings, word-of-mouth referrals, and positive social media presence, contributing to a steady and sustainable business for years to come.”

“It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business” reveals that 77% of consumers “take steps in their daily lives to stay healthy, make informed food choices, stay active and manage stress.”* Furthermore, some 56% of affluent travelers place a top priority on the statement, “I’m striving to become healthier in the coming year.”** The report also explores numerous economic and social factors that are driving the rise of wellness around the world.

“As the wellness movement matures, and wellness offerings become a standard expectation within the hospitality industry, we are seeing a growing emphasis not only on healthy food options, relaxation and movement, but on such fundamental health necessities as clean water and air,” said Anne Dimon, CEO & President of the Wellness Tourism Association. “The mindset of wellness has evolved beyond spas and workout spaces, challenging the hospitality industry to consider how it integrates other health considerations such mindfulness and time spent in nature, along with environmental concerns – such as reducing indoor pollution and eliminating plastics – into its daily operations.”

Accor’s well-being white paper will act as a catalyst to help energize the company’s wellness teams globally, while also informing and enhancing the five key pillars that guide Accor’s overall approach to well-being – Active Nutrition, Holistic Design, Bodies in Movement, Leveraging Spa, and Embracing Mindfulness – all of which are adapted and adopted by the company’s hotel brands based on a number of important factors including guest preference, demographic, brand positioning, culture and location.

The report also delves deeper into this tailored approach and showcases several examples of how some of Accor’s leading hotel brands are uniquely evolving with the wellness movement. For example:

    • Raffles Hotels & Resorts creates bespoke experiences to enhance guests’ emotional wellbeing, allowing them the opportunity to experience serenity, harmony and pleasure. The brand is employing Feng Shui and Biophilia techniques to bring peace and balance to its interior spaces; menus designed to enhance sleep, counter jet lag and promote digestive health; and sleep rituals include aromatherapy and luxury sleep masks.
    • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a gateway to hundreds of wellbeing experiences, from heart-racing workouts to heartfelt moments of peace and tranquility. The brand’s apparel and gear-lending program ensures guests are ready for fitness anytime; green spaces connect guests to nature; a sustainable drinking water program and high-quality organic and local food employ an environmentally respectful approach.
  • SO/ Hotels & Resorts’ approach to wellness aims to bring balance to those who live fast and play hard. The brand’s Glow Bar offering provides the latest in skin and beauty treatments, while Deep Beats Yoga brings the power of sound to enrich the physical and mental experience of en masse yoga.
  • MGallery Hotel Collection seeks to nourish the soul and empower guests with a balanced lifestyle among thoughtfully designed spaces. In-room amenities are curated for self-care, while signature treatments, healthful menus and positively affirming mantras inspire guests to feel their best, inside and out.
  • Pullman Hotels & Resorts delivers Power Fitness to guests who want to achieve peak physical performance, in between working and having fun. The hotels feature energetic power fitness zones; video on demand exercise classes; Power Up food and beverage menus for optimal nutrition; and a global ambassador fitness program to keep workouts fresh and inspired.
  • Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts continues to expand its Vitality Room concept. These customized suites include circadian lighting technology; in-room yoga stations; wellness walls with fitness training modules; black-out blinds; air purification systems; shower lighting and scent customization; and high vitality snack and superfoods bars.
“Wellness is a golden opportunity for the hospitality industry,” added Brown. “Feeling healthy is a universal, emotionally-charged, and frequent concern for all demographics of guests and cuts across all areas of life, from daily routines to exceptional, transformative travel experiences. Our diverse hotel brands look forward to embracing the challenge of continuously surprising and delighting our guests with new ways to achieve health and well-being during their travels, inspiring them to choose our hotels again and again.”

* Foresight Factory | Base: 26810 online respondents aged 16-64, Global Average, 2018 July. The Global Average has been created by taking the average response across the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, GB, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, USA.

** Affluent Perspective 2018 Year End Report, YouGov


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