2,000 years of Solothurn

Solothurn is known as an ancient town and historic treasure. But don’t let its age fool you – the town is in the mood to celebrate! This baroque gem is turning 2,000 years old in 2020. The town has aged gracefully, and to celebrate its founding, Solothurn will showcase the pomp of past eras alongside the innovations of recent years.

Solothurn has experienced and achieved a lot in 2,000 years, and looks as striking and well-preserved as ever: no signs of ageing or fatigue here! In 2020, Switzerland’s finest baroque town will celebrate this milestone with countless attractions, exciting promotions and impressive events. Solothurn is known for its festivals, as the lyrics to the city’s anthem reveal: ‘Alli Johr es Galafrässe und e guete Wy, Christe, Heide, Katholike, alles isch derby’ – Let us join in merriment, food and wine, whether Christian, pagan, or Catholic thine. This year will be no different – because Solothurn’s celebrations are truly legendary. Solothurn will reach beyond town and canton limits, showing people what it’s all about and putting its characteristic charm on display!

Preparations for the festive year are in full swing. The square behind the Rythalle will be given a name by means of a competition and baptized with the winner’s name at the start event on 1 January 2020. Another lovely project has also piqued people’s interest: Solothurn’s schoolchildren will paint the glass panes of a historic oil lantern. Over the course of the year, this piece will travel around the town, changing hands from private individuals to clubs to school classes. It will serve as a symbol of societal connectedness and cohesion of a unified community.

This year, Solothurn is pulling out all the stops, inviting guests from near and far to join in celebrating the 2,000 years since its founding. Cultural, historical and community events await! It is a real privilege to commemorate the 2,000th anniversary of the town with such a range of events.



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