Round-trip from Cracow to Gdansk on board LOT Polish Airlines!

Panorama of Crcacow, Poland, with Vistula riverbank, harbor, park, Wawel Hill and cathedral towers

Explore two marvelous Polish cities in one go thanks to our convenient connection.

LOT Polish Airlines have prepared a special offer for the passengers who do not want to waste their time and money and experience a pleasure flight from Gdansk to Krakow. What is more, there are many possibilities to purchase cheap plane tickets from Gdansk to Krakow. As a result there are more and more flights from Gdansk to Krakow. Krakow is a fascinating place which is worth to take the tour.

During the stay in Gdansk, it is a great idea to organize a one day trip to Krakow to discover the city, learn something about the history of Poland and drink a tea at Main Market Square which is located in the Old Town. Thanks to fast plane journey it is possible. The journey lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is the fastest way to take the distance.

Gdansk was destroyed during the World War II and later regained its glory to become one of the most vibrant cities in Poland. As the city lies on the Baltic coast, the symbol of Gdansk is the Neptune’s Fountain. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, the cities form a metropolitan area called the Tricity. The beautiful long beaches and piers make it a very attractive destination. The Gdansk Shipyard is the reminiscent of the Solidarity movement –  it was the former workplace of Lech Walesa, the first President of Poland after the fall of communism.

Cracow – Gdansk
LO3504 06:50 – 08:10   1.3..6.
LO3502 18:20 – 19:40   1234567

Gdansk – Cracow
LO3503 08:40 – 10:00  1.3..6.
LO3501 20:20 – 21:40  1234567